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Why I showed the French Flag on my Profile

I was one of those who changed my Facebook profile picture to the French Flag (for the three days of mourning). I do not regret doing that and stand by the decision to do it. I did get a little fed up with those people who criticised those of us who did show the flag by sharing a post about the Kenyan bombing saying it happened the following day but wasn't reported on. The Kenyan bombing is something that happened last April. It was well covered at the time. The bombing that did happen was... Read More

The Veil is Thin! Faeries Abound!

There has long been an association with fungi and faeries. Tales and folklore suggest you should never step into a faery ring, as the faeries will be angry with you. This is their territory. Stepping into a faery ring was thought to bring you blindness or you might become a slave to the faeries in the inner world. (A faery ring is a ring of mushrooms or toadstools which sometimes lies within a circle of darker or greener grass. Occasionally there are two circles of greener grass on... Read More

Spring is Official

With the Spring Equinox here spring is official. So I rooted out my eggs to put out for the next month. One thing I loved when living in the Netherlands was the variety of decorations for the house available at this time of year in shops. Of course I wished now I had bought many more. After a few years everything is sadly wearing out but I still have a few things left, not least my egg which broke (well they do tend to) on a move but was glued back together very well. My chicks... Read More