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  • A Druid’s Tale

    I’d like to introduce a great book by Moon Books. A Druid’s Tale by Cat Treadwell.

    What do people think of when they hear the word ‘Druidry?’ The real questions, not the ‘old men in white robes’ stereotypes. What makes a Druid? What do they do? This book hopes to answer some of those questions. For the benefit of those who prefer the more traditional methods of finding information, Cat has compiled and expanded on some of the more common queries as well as focusing on the day-to-day aspects of Druidry as a lived path, constantly evolving to be relevant and accessible in the modern world.

    Warm, bubbly and accessible, it reveals the honest thinking and wakeful self-reflection that should be the foundation of every personal exploration of Druidry Emma Restall Orr, Founder of The Druid Network, Author of Living Druidry and Living with Honour

    …one of the best illustrations of how Druidry is lived that I have seen. Professor Ronald Hutton, University of Bristol, Author of The Triumph of the Moon and Blood and Mistletoe: The History of the Druids in Britain

    Cat Treadwell is a Druid Priest based in Derbyshire, England. She is a professional celebrant and multifaith worker, Trustee of The Druid Network and Awenydd of the Anglesey Druid Order.