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The Changeling Quest 300dpiA fairy baby is swapped for a human baby. Ten years later the secret is out and Tara and Niamh along with friends Lucy and Jared set out on an adventure of a lifetime. (Ages 9-13 but also liked by adults)

The full power of the freezing water crashed into them, knocking them off their feet, snatching Tara’s breath away. She managed to hook one arm around the handrail, trying her best to hold onto Lucy with the other. As one side of the bridge collapsed, Lucy’s feet scrabbled to keep a footing, but she slipped down the wooden planks.

Tara lost her grip, but managed to grab Lucy’s hand as she held it out. She was left dangling over the water.

‘I can’t hold on, Tara. Don’t let me fall! Please don’t let go!’ Lucy begged, her hand beginning to slip from Tara’s.

There was no time to think. ‘No, I won’t let you go, Lucy.’ With that, Tara let go of the handrail and they plunged together into the raging torrent.

Four children step through a magical gateway into faerie. This is no accident, but a deliberate plan. One of them is a changeling child, and the call to return home is powerful. However, this is not to be a simple homecoming, danger and adventure await. Maria Moloney has written an exciting tale that draws on faerie lore whilst weaving in an abundance of original elements. This is just the sort of book I would have wanted to read as an older child, and as an adult reader I found it highly engaging. It’s comparable to Lloyd Alexander’s work, in the way it mixes myth and original ideas, and there’s a similar sort of atmosphere, pace and style. Definitely the sort of book a young Pagan reader would enjoy, I can certainly recommend it. At a guess it would suit more wordy young readers who are over the age of 8, but there are some scary bits, so children who are easily frightened should stay away. ~ Nimue Brown, The Druid Network

Rowling’s Harry Potter books practically lived in my handbag, and Anderson’s “Knife” I finished in one 9 hour reading marathon, as I was on a holiday. But Maria Moloney’s “Changeling Quest” made me go to bed at 8 in order to have more time to read! It took me one week and I was sad when I reached the last page, but the most remarkable thing was that even after I stopped reading, my mind kept on wandering around in the Fae country. And I loved it! Can’t wait to get my greedy little hands on the sequel. Utterly enchanting! ~ Aila, Amazon review

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