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Hedge Witchcraft 72Hedge witchery in general is experiential and a slow and natural progression of interests and events often experienced from childhood and persisting all through your life. As Aristotle said, ‘For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.’

Learning by experiencing is about trusting your instincts and connecting with your inner spirit.

There is no dogma attached to hedge witchcraft. There are no tenets to follow. The path of a hedge witch is very much an individual one, and it is a solitary practice. In this way, this book is based on my own experiences as a hedge witch living in Ireland and following a Celtic path.

This book will guide you if you wish to read more about hedge witchcraft as a pathway, or are already following such a path and wish to progress. It only has a little about hedge riding as this book has too small a scope to include it. Please read my accompanying book in the Pagan Portal series, Hedge Riding.

Harmonia Saille’s two books on Hedge Witchcraft are a true delight, being both informative and entertaining. Hedge Witchcraft is often mentioned ‘in passing’ but seldom examined in detail. Harmonia rectifies that oversight with her revelations of that practice as it may be followed throughout the year. Anyone, Witch or otherwise, who feels a true affinity with Nature will appreciate the explanations and teachings found in these books. I very much recommend them. ~ Raymond Buckland

Harmonia writes, “When you touch something you directly connect with it”. This is exactly what you the reader will do when you take her book, Hedge Witchcraft into your heart. You won’t just read this book, you will have a deep beautiful experience of the connectedness of all beings. Somehow, you get close to the soul of the author, and you get closer to yourself as she walks her talk in each page. You feel nature seeping into your heart, wide open to absorb each line fully, with delight and often with awe. At times I felt I was being lead into a deep meditation with sentences like “feel the rough bark of the tree, …hum, sing, whistle as you join the sounds of nature” etc. She whispers to us, ” Remove the line that lies between you and the hills, lakes, rivers, oceans” And she is by our side as we follow her whispers. What I really like about Harmonia’s book “Hedge Witchcraft ” is that it is full of soul, full of who we all are, and maybe have forgotten . Harmonia, keep reminding us of our true nature, our divine beingness. ~ Phyllida Anam-Aire, A Celtic Priestess.

***********************************************************************************Hedge Riding 72

One aspect of hedge witchcraft is engaging in a form of Otherworldly travel called hedge riding. The hedge is the symbolic boundary between the two worlds and this book will teach you how to cross that hedge. While hedge riding, the hedge rider’s consciousness travels to another place, the otherworld, which is also the realm of the collective unconscious. There the rider guided by his or her animal and spirit guides, encounters archetypal symbols and assimilates this knowledge to help guide her or him on their pathway.

The hedge riding aspect of hedge witchery is perhaps the most difficult part of the hedge witch pathway. This book focuses on that aspect alone and is an experiential guide. If you want to learn more about Hedge Witchraft, there is an accompanying book in this series, Pagans Portals — Hedge Witchcraft. Hedge Magic is to follow in a few months.

Hedge Riding offers a quick, clean read on a lesser-known practice in witchcraft. Harmonia Saille writes in a personable, accessible manner as she answers questions about Hedge Riding, such as “what happens when you encounter a dark entity?” and the etiquette of working with spirits. This title from Moon Book’s Pagan Portals series is one of the first four titles released that offer introductions to rarely covered topics in Paganism. Hedge Witchcraft practitioners that engage with other magical people sometimes speak of a sense of isolation, a common price of following a solitary path. Saille fills this gap in one small way with her brief overview to one of the most advanced practices in Hedge Witchcraft. ~ Diana Rajchel, Facing North

This slim volume serve as a great introduction to the history and methods of hedge riding, a form of spirit travel within the witchcraft folks traditions. Riding the hedge is often confused with astral travel and pathworking, but Saille puts the confusion to rest. Using clear examples and sharing from a deep well of personal experiences, Saille brings back this mysterious practice, making it relevant for modern Witches today. ~ David D. Salisbury, Amazon


Spiritual RunesRunes are a tool for personal growth and spiritual transformation. They can help you in your everyday life and everyday decisions. When you cast the runes they will tap into your unconscious, they will talk to you, teach you and guide you. They will help you to get to know the real you, the whole you, by guiding you on a journey of self-discovery. Harmonia Saille will take you step-by-step in learning the wise and mystical runes and she will help you to form a spiritual and personal connection with them. She discusses how when you become familiar with them, the runes begin to communicate with you and help you to develop your intuitive abilities. You will learn how to interpret the rune signs drawing on this intuition in combination with the symbolism. This guide to the Elder Futhark addresses all aspects of rune philosophy, including mythology, cosmology, psychology and magic. Harmonia Saille is an English writer, lecturer and researcher. A practicing Hedge Witch, she holds workshops in the runes and other subjects both locally and at international spiritual events.

I met Harmonia Saille last September during PaGE (Pagan Gathering) in Belgium. She gave a workshop in about “The Spiritual Runes” which we later organised as a series of two workshops in April/May 2009, in Amsterdam. We also published an article recently by Harmonia in Wiccan Rede, – “Connecting With Runes”, Imbolc 2009. This book forms the basis of the above mentioned workshop(s) and article. Now having the book to refer to is really helpful. Harmonia’s emphasis is on making a spiritual connection with the runes, so the runes can speak to us as the mouthpiece of the Gods. First however, Harmonia looks at the history of the runes and rune lore. She goes onto discuss the practical application of reading the runes with various exercises, including making a set of runes. In rune magic Harmonia looks at the various forms of magic, Seidhr and Galdr. Having followed the workshops and done some of the exercises in combination with the book, I have found Harmonia’s method very effective. In easy to follow English the runes have become accessible and yet lose none of their mystery. ~ Morgana Sythove, Wiccan Rede

With the ever-growing popularity of runes as a divination system, there can probably never be too many books written about them. Here is a new one – The Spiritual Runes by Harmonia Saille. This is one book that should not be missed. It is new in its approach and full of useful information and instruction. If you don’t use the runes but simply have a passing interest; then this book is for you. If you do use the runes, and wish to improve both your knowledge and your ability to use them well, then this is very definitely the book for you. As Harmonia Saille says, “There (is) always something new to discover about them.” The runes are a secret language; a code or cipher that can be unlocked . . . and this book is the key. ~ Raymond Buckland, The Buckland Romani Tarot

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