Spring is Official

With the Spring Equinox here spring is official. So I rooted out my eggs to put out for the next month. One thing I loved 20140320_183536when living in the Netherlands was the variety of decorations for the house available at this time of year in shops. Of course I wished now I had bought many more. After a few years everything is sadly wearing out but I still have a few things left, not least my egg which broke (well they do tend to) on a move but was glued back together very well.

20140320_183711My chicks unfortunately didn’t make it…

But luckily there were a few more in a box which saved the day.

I felt a bit guilty chucking them in the bin, a left over of my childhood of thinking all my toys are alive. I have a problem with chucking away stuffed toys too. But I draw the line at keeping them on window ledges and don’t put them to bed at night!

But back to spring, my favourite time of year. This is an extract from my book Pagan Portals – Hedge Witchcraft on spring with extra comments in brackets and in italics.

The Spring Equinox

At the Spring Equinox, I honour the coming fertility of the land and Brigid remains my goddess of the season as the maiden coming into full bloom. Mother Nature brings us an evolution of beauty, fertility is abounding and lambing season has begun. Insects begin to appear again, and on sunny days we begin to hear the buzzing of the bumblebee (had a few really big ones in the house this year but managed to catch them in a cup), while the birds appear to sing all the louder. We know that at this time of year there is still a risk of snow, but we soon see the blades of grass peeping up through the whiteness, and know that it will be short lived and next week we could be out without our coats and jackets (hope so it’s gone so much colder).

In March, I bring out my pottery eggs and chicks (see above) and place around the house to signify fertility and rebirth. Spring is 20140320_184111here now with a vengeance. The fresh green of the hawthorn is a sight to behold on walks and even when driving (this is later this year). I love to put yellow everywhere as I think of spring being the yellow time of year and a time of optimism. Crocus, daffodils, primroses, forsythia, coltsfoot, charlock and lesser celandine are just some of the flowers to be seen over March and April. Every day out walking there is something to get excited about. Changes happen rapidly and from one day to the next, we see something new.

Try to get out into the countryside. After the cold, dark winter months, we need the tonic that being out in the wildness of nature brings. In the milder, sometimes wet, spring, breathe in the earthy smells, this is particularly so in the woods and forest.

For celebration, I will decorate the house and leave offerings to Brigid on my outdoor altar. I have yellow candles lit in the house. Yellow cheers me up (as you may have guessed by now); it provides optimism, creativity, happiness, prosperity and luck.

With the warmth returning we often have a hopeful attitude to life. Spring often brings with it rejuvenation and inspiration. When the clocks change we remember whether they go back or forward by the saying, ‘spring forward, fall back’. Spring forward is appropriate and it means progression. Our potential is unlimited and we always have room to grow. If you have been planning to do something, why not put it into action. If you are always saying that ‘at the right time’ you will do this and that, well you might find that you have been saying this for a long time, as the ‘right time’ never seems to come. So make the right time now.

On the Spring Equinox and again as with every Celtic festival, I make a special altar. Still with yellow dominating, I have yellow candles but also orange candles for overall success, happiness, motivation and creativity. Daffodils are still a favourite flower, but primroses, and any other bright spring flower are added to the altar. Hares, lambs, chicks, and baby animals in general either pictures or ornaments help to remind us of the growing fertility around us. If people come to my ritual then I ask them to bring something for the altar that reminds them of the season.

This ritual follows the Imbolg ritual with the altar facing east, and the addition of asking for inspiration and motivation to carry out the projects and plans that I have already begun.

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