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  • Connecting in the Town or Village

    I’ve come to realise that it’s so much harder to spiritually connect in town or village than it is if you live rural and all you have to do is open the door and step outside (duh you might think). I think having lived rural for a few years I got out of the ability to connect well in more suburban surroundings. In the past I would go to the nearby parks (big parks), or down by the river. But here in the village where I live in Ireland, which is also on the commuter belt for the city I admit I’m having problems. We have no garden only a courtyard. We do have some lovely trees around the perimeter (in the gardens of neighbours), willows, hawthorn, beech…we also get foxglove and other wildflowers on the bank at the side of the house.

    Harm cropIt’s admittedly a short walk to the river, but you do not get much time to connect as it’s a popular dog-walking place and place to get exercise. It’s another short walk to the castle gardens (I have a pass to get in), but again it’s often awash with tourists. As a result, I’ve begun to appreciate the problems some people have connecting. I’ve been lucky before with living in suburbia in that there was always somewhere quieter to connect in. But here I’m struggling. I don’t drive so can’t even go off to somewhere more suitable. We do have a lovely view of the hills from upstairs. I have sat in the window contemplating only to see neighbours peering at me through their own windows thinking I’m a bit touched (par for the course when you are a witch though).

    I really do realise now that when I was living in the forest and by the lake and woods, and on the Burren, I was truly blessed. My psychic awareness was sharper, I found journeying and an altered state of consciousness was easier to achieve.

    I found lately I haven’t journeyed so much. And after failing last night to connect well, I finally admitted that I need to do something more proactive about my general spiritual connection. I should rise above the difficulties, after all their are people who live in cities and have no regular access to any countryside, garden space, or park. I need to try harder. Walk more. Find suitable spots I can keep returning to. The other thing is now I’ve got older (over 60) I seem to have turned into a wimp. I used to go out in all weathers, wellies on, thick waterproof coat and so forth, or hat, scarf and gloves; and nothing, snow, rain, gales or hail would prevent me. Now I’m a bit like one of our cats and when I open the door and see yet another Storm Imogen (or whatever the latest storm is named) then I dither and close the door again. And lately it’s been wall to wall storms with El Niño or El Ninja or whatever it’s called, wanting to annihilate Ireland in which is apparently in its path!

    So it’s time to stop making excuses and stop living in the past with wishful thinking and remember that it’s now much easier to get to the doctors surgery and hospitals (handy when you get older and all hell breaks loose), and make the best of what I have, as it could be much worse and then what will the excuse be? Watch this space for pics with me outside in all weathers (it make take some time though).