The Veil is Thin! Faeries Abound!

2015-10-11 16.17.34There has long been an association with fungi and faeries. Tales and folklore suggest you should never step into a faery ring, as the faeries will be angry with you. This is their territory. Stepping into a faery ring was thought to bring you blindness or you might become a slave to the faeries in the inner world.

(A faery ring is a ring of mushrooms or toadstools which sometimes lies within a circle of darker or greener grass.
Occasionally there are two circles of greener grass on either side of the fungi.)

However with children it can be very different. When I was a child we had a faery ring beneath the old oak tree at 2015-10-11 16.17.56the bottom of our garden. I would sit inside it with my two sisters and we would play our games of faeries and witches. We were not afraid, and our mother, who told us about the faery ring, never stopped us but would watch from the kitchen window. We never came to any harm. But then it wasn’t at Samhain when the veil is thin.

Recently on a walk my hubby took these lovely photos of various fungi in Blarney Castle grounds. The perfect little faery shelters I think.


2015-10-14 17.50.032015-10-11 16.20.172015-10-11 16.20.40

And by coincidence, the same day, my sister Francesca sent me this photo which was taken in her daughter’s garden. Perfect! Samhain Blessings!



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